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Ever so slowly we’re getting a closer look at what’s going to be Justice next single. IMO they vocals may have been overdone a bit I’ve always been believer that “less is more” especially when dealing with electronic music. But none the less this still sounds great. Props to 107.7 The End on the rip.

Clearer and longer. #pause. April 4th.

Some concert footage and a clearer rip of “Civilization” via the ADIDAS All In campaign.

First the artwork now the actual song. Excuse the terrible quality as it is only a rip from the adidas youtube campaign but the clips have been combined to form a short preview. You can expect the single to be released digitally worldwide April 4th. #EdBANGER

Artwork for the french duo’s highly anticipated single “Civilization” has leaked so hopefully more music is on the way. The cover was done by Surface 2 Air aka French art/fashion powerhouse same brand that designed their famous leather jackets.

S2A is also doing limited edition KiD CuDi jackets from the “All of the Lights” video, they will not be available in the red, as those were exclusively made for cudi, but there will be a limited size run in other colors, for both men and women, and will run you $1500 each…if your pockets are deep enough go for it there is no substitute for amazing quality.

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