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Kaskade’s #MusicMonday onslaught continues with this quick mashup that he made for Beyond Wonderland.

Mashup from Kaskade for this weeks #MM installment.

This weeks #MusicMonday from Kaskade is a song entitled “Nobody Else” from his 2006 album The Calm.
A smooth jam accompanied by vocals from Finn Bjarnson, enjoy.

Zip Zip Through The Night – Beestung (Kaskade’s Grand Mix) by Kaskade
Some more #MusicMondays from Kaskade I’ll let him give you the description.
“I did this remix of a small indie band that I love in January of 2009, hard to believe that it is 2 years old. I included it on my mix compilation “The Grand” thus the name of the remix. It works nicely in the club so don’t be scared to drop it.”

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