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Been searching for this track since Angello dropped it on NYE @ Webster Hall. Tim Mason’s The Moment is the 68th installment from Size Records and is set to release April 6th including a “special re-edit”

Birmingham native and apparently fellow bape connoisseur has a new tech record entitled Bianca due out March 23rd at Beatport. Dark rolling drums, and groovy samples keep the track moving and the muted bassline complements it well.

One third of Daddy’s Groove make up Black Raw, with 100% of the Italian production outfit contributing to the re-edit that makes this one of the most powerfully arresting club tracks of the year so far. So dispense with the earplugs and embrace the heavenly synths and pounding drums as the full force of ‘Eargasm’ penetrates deep into your aural cavities…wallop!

Released on SIZE on March 9th

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